hello, friend.

2 minute read Published: 2020-08-02

'Hello, friend?" That's lame. Maybe I should give you a name. But that's a slippery slope. You're only in my head. We have to remember that. Shit. It's actually happened. I'm talking to an imaginary person. What I'm about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There's a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I'm talking about the guys no one knows about. The guys that are invisible. The top one percent of the top one percent. The guys that play God without permission. And now I think they're following me.

So, this is my first blog post. Pretty damn underwhelming I'll tell ya what... My goals for this project are to attempt to maintain an average of 1 blog post per day, about either my thoughts on politics, news, projects, and problems I feel are worthy of writing about.

It should be worth noting that I've been hyping myself up to make a public blog for about 4 years now. Unfortunately I have a habit letting my perfectionism get the best of me, and allowing myself to procrastinate things indefinitely. I realized I needed to just bite the bullet and get this thing started.

So here I am, starting a blog post with a quote from the first episode of one of my favorite TV series, Mr. Robot. I've consumed a lot of media during the quarantine, and I've finally hit the point where I'm completely bored of that. I definitely feel the urge to just create something, anything. And at this point a blog post is probably the least embarrasing online presence I can curate.

Stay tuned for more.

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fuckingz to anyone that refuses to wear a mask