git gud

6 minute read Published: 2021-09-14

I've moved. Twice. since the last post on here. So much for daily updates. it's been 2 years not much has changed.

I'm going to go through the TODOs list I had previously created and narrow things down, update what I've done, and maybe prune things I'm no longer interested in doing from it. As you can tell this site has gotten a bit stale (and has changed locations, as far as domains are concerned lol).


I did nothing from here beyond discovering some cool folks here in North Minneapolis are the proprietors of the CAN suite.

Hey speaking of lightning, I'm fully electric car pilled now. Squaring wanting a race car with also wanting to not live on a dying planet has caused me a considerable amount of cognitive dissonance. And with the last 2 years of pandemic related lockdowns and general hermitage, I didn't really drive much. The BRZ has proven to be a fun car, but new cars fucking suck to work on, too much fiddly shit that I'm prone to breaking. I'm planning on taking my rustbucket MR2 and putting a Nissan Leaf engine in it. It's been done before, and frankly looks like less of a headache than trying to cram some fucking Honda K-series engine in there. Finally have a garage, and some spare cash to throw at this kind of thing. I've satiated my urges to wrench on shit by helping my buddy j3s with his Saturn Ion, helping my sibling a little with a Isuzu Hombre, and memorizing the entire wiring diagram of the passenger side of my Subaru BRZ (THAT FUCKIN SUCKED YO)

This project got the best of me most of this summer, however I quickly realized my dream arcade cabinet was far to big to fit in anywhere at my house, and I quickly grew disillusioned, because I didn't want to make some crappy pedestal style arcade that would need hooked up to some random video output. I'm sure I'll revisit this, but maybe when I'm more apt to donate a grand worth of arcade shit to a space where it would be appreciated.

Done quite a lot here. - something on cloudflare workers would be fun to build - i don't like maintaining servers


still haven't done this, still want to do this - embedded stuff for a bunch of the above projects

been playing with an esp32-c3 and making leds blink so hell yeah i've made progress here - a mobile app that does something fun idk what yet

made a proof of concept app using flutter that gamified not charging your phone. :shrug: it was for ludum dare - some embedded firmware stuff for open-source bootloaders, on either androi$

nothing to show for this - demoscene stuff, just absolutely gives me goosebumps every time i interact$ - there was a project that enabled opensource controll of my RGB keyboar$ - same with android bootloader animations - apparently bootloader animations across any opensource stuff (coreboot$

basically got drunk with roomates and just taught them about demoscene culture lmao
- plugin for zola (the static site generator that makes this site) to enable$

highkey fell off of this

NOPE LOL, CHIP SHORTAGES, CRYPTOCURRENCY FUELED SCALPERS. ARM SoCs are the future anyways. replace your desktop with a server somewhere it'll get better connectivity and carbon neutral power

Done. check me out at

Oops, I've kinda avoided/fallen out of touch with cyberia. They recently got a physical space that I will try to show up to more often.

Did an alright job of this, finished the Three-Body Problem, started reading #Accelerate: The Accelerationist Reader

lol, evidently not

idk, got an assload of friends to join Signal during the Minneapolis uprisings

tf2 engineer voice "NOPE"

There's still some interest here, but damn it's one of those things where I ask myself: "does the world really need more random plastic junk?"

now, websec is a talent area, but I'm truly more fascinated by the fields of Trusted Computing, systems level isolation, hypervisors and stuff like homomorphic encryption. So not much progress on this front.

If any of this stuff also sounds interesting to you, or you wanna talk about it,$

I'd like to thank my friend j3s for listening to me breathlessly talk about certain tech stacks and connecting the dots from there to an awesome job opportunity that I've since taken. My life has improved in ways you cannot imagine, thanks friend.

greetz to v, wendy, jo, jamin, j3s, vvesley, johnnie, nyx, junk, nildicit, kaworu, shoggoth, starless, elisha, cass, forest, lief, aimless, mc_crash, skh, kurt, justin, taylor, jackson, pearl

fuckingz to all my former landlords, cryptocurrency miners using fossil fuels, hoarders, even more unfinished projects, and the entire concept of procrastination.