4 minute read Published: 2020-08-02

This week I told my landlord that I'm moving out. Sidenote: I'm currently looking for a place to move into by October 1st :) if you know of anything, hmu. In this process, I have begun to take inventory of all the stuff I've accumulated during my occupation of this unit, and I see a lot of half-assed attempts at unfinished projects. So in the interest of no-one, I am going to make a public TODO list of random bullshit I'd like to work on.

A large portion of my projects seem to be heavily influenced by my itch to work on embedded electronics, but are hamstrung my complete unwillingness to learn anything about electronics, eletrical signals, and my utter disdain for purchasing the proper equipment. As far as these projects go, they seem to be mostly unified around building an arcade cabinet and sniffing/hacking CAN bus stuff from my car's OBD-II port.

Anyway enough weird excuses and whining about why I haven't done any of these yet. Here's an insanely unstructured list.


If any of this stuff also sounds interesting to you, or you wanna talk about it, or you wanna even work on it, feel free to hmu on the matrix network The computer club I'm part of hosts a homeserver available to the public, they're linked below. :)

greetz to v, kurt, jordan, cory, kev, ash, jo, j3s, vvesley, nyx, junk, nildicit, kaworu, shoggoth, starless, cass, forest, aimless, mc_crash, skh, twitter mufos, and the crew

fuckingz to my current landlord, hoarders, unfinished projects, and clutter